Bumblebee Landscape Metagenomics

Explore data from 3492 bumblebee observations recorded by 760 contributors to BumbleBeeWatch.org and iNaturalist . Individual species can be selected for display with the check boxes below, along with several GIS raster layers. Map controls, including deactivation of raster layers, are in the upper left corner.

This spring we will be adding data on the gut microbiota of 168 Maine bumblebees. These specimens were collect along two transects. The first spans the islands to the boundary mountains, including Monhegan and Allen Island and running from Port Clyde north to Sandy Bay Township. The second transect parallels the Down East coast from Ellsworth to Great Wass Island. The visualization of host and microbial diversity across the landscape will allow us to examine how geographic and human influences affect these charismatic pollinators.