Seismometer at Colby College, Waterville Maine

In cooperation with Colby College the USGS maintains a seismometer located
in the basement of the Arey Life Sciences Building.

Current day plot based on UTC.
(subtract 5hrs for EST, 4hrs for EDT)

The entire setup with sensors in back

Transmitter and analyzer

Last 30 days of earthquakes centered on Waterville, 5 degree radius (map)

In 2013 the channel names changed because we started sampling at a higher rate (100 samples per second instead of 40) and also to reflect the fact that most seismometers are not oriented perfectly north and east. The new channels available are HHZ, HH1, and HH2 instead of BHZ, BHN, and BHE. I suspect this is why the Boston College page is indicating that data is no longer available.